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The GUMSTAL is present on the market since 1983. It is family owned company.

In the beginning we produced small moulded rubber parts.

Now, production output of our company can be divided into two separate sections:

used in various branches of industry.


Our company manufactures products for the agricultural sector, automotive industry and others.

It mainly includes original and spare parts for potato harvesters, beet harvesters and other agriculture machines.

The strength of our company lies in its flexibility, in understanding the customer’s needs, in the development of special compounds and producing special moulds. For this reasons we supply original parts to manufacturers of agriculture machines across Europe for many years now.


Our stock of machine tools includes :

Compression presses with a heat plate surface increasing from 200x200mm up to 400x3000mm

Digitally controlled turning lathes with bar feeders up to diameter 65mm

Milling machines

Hydraulic and power presses


Machine to produce our own rubber compounds



ul. Witebska 3A
85-759 Bydgoszcz

tel. / fax +48 52 346 82 58